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Cutter Bills Star
Photo: ©B&J Bar Ranch
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In the autumn of 1993 we bought Cutter Bills Star from Karl Hardeger in Germany.

Karl and another guy by the name Kurt Lissner were pioneers with their paint and quarter horses in Germany. They imported these horses to Europe as the first ones, and they both began to breed. By the time when Cutter was bought by us, Karl wanted to stop the breeding due to his age. We took Cutter with us to Denmark and got him criss-cross examined. He had x-rays taken to check the quality of his semen, both as cold and as frozen. All this in order to prevent us from non-wanted surprises which could be passed on through the breeding using this stallion.

Cutter is not shown so often anymore. But what does that matter - his offspring represents him more than well. Both here in Denmark and abroad.

Cutter leaves his stamp on his offspring. He breeds well both on the old stocktype and the light and more modern type. Not least has all his offspring a lovely and confident temperament, good exterior and a beautiful, expressive small head.

Cutter has a mare foal percent of 70 and the colours are 50% buckskins or palominos.

Cutter Bill Star is available every year for single external mares. The season is from February 1st to August 1st.